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This is the community for reviews of software for MacOS Classic and MacOS X systems.

Just post away, but be civil. Anyone can join and anyone can comment on each others posts.

The goal with the community is pure - a place to let people know about great MacOS utilities and not so great software that you tried and don't want other people to waste time on.

I only have the following 'rules' for it.

- Subject must be used. In the subject field, you should write the applications name and version. I suggest adding a bracket style [Carbon], [Cocoa] or [Classic] string at the end too.
- Text entry should contain links to the program and at least a short description. It may well contain other reviews, screenshots and whatever you feel people should know.
For entries larger than 2 paragraphs, use the <lj-cut> tag. Try to write article style - give a short summary of what the program does and the download link, then lj-cut for screenshots and more detailed information.
- Advertising your own MacOS programs are fully encouraged as long as it's done according to the above.
- That means, be polite about reviewing others programs.
- Yes, you can post beta information and ideas, but as long as you clearly specify in the subject that it is a beta. You can also ask for beta testers as long as you let the 'victims' of your program know the dangers and the consequences, if any, of running it.
- Try to keep a program to one post as much as possible. It IS possible to update or edit entries you've written, so use it. More information can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=2

Easy as can be, right? :)

Questions can be directed to the maintainer, ljuvefreya at squirrelgirl@mac.com, or leave a comment in this post. :)