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May 1st, 2009

11:03 pm - Photoshop CS2 or 3??
It seems this comm has been inactive for a while but I was hoping a few of you are still around and willing to help...
Anyone know where I can get a free copy of PS CS2 OR 3? With a serial #?

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October 1st, 2007

12:21 pm - A post full of handy apps. Some you know. Some you don't.
I converted to Mac earlier this year and spent months figuring out the quirks of it, and trying out (and deleting) a million apps, before I got a work environment I felt was optimal and got the most out of my Macbook. Here I've written a quick guide to tips for handy apps on your Mac, whether you are a new user or not. Hopefully, this will help you and introduce you to some apps you didn't know about before.

This is part one. Part 2 to come later.

In this post: text editing options, basic optimizing, school work organizing, deleting Apps cleanly, and more.

Download Quicksilver.

Quicksilver is a wonderful, wonderful app, and no one should be without it. I and many others swear by it---it's a handy little app, and you can set its little window to boot up with a certain key command (say, ctrl-space). Once you boot up, you can type anything you want, whether it be "Microsoft Word," or looking up any given file name. This is like Spotlight here, only on crack.

Once you have found your file through Quicksilver you can choose from a series of options on the lower half of your little window---you can move the file or resize it, or rename it, or open an email file/draft with the file as attachment, all from Quicksilver and without a single mouse click.

If you are an addict of the keyboard like me or have back problems and want to minimize your mouse usage, this is the app for you. Even if you don't mind using the app, this is great. You can search through iTunes artists, play with shuffle or skipping songs and so on, all without really leaving your current work environment, whether that be a school paper on Word or your financial accounts on Excel. You're also not limited to just one file----if you want to move a bunch of files into one folder, from different directories, simply type in all the file names (or part of them, enough for QS to find the app), separated by comma, and you can do whatever you want with it.

This app has a pretty steep learning curve---I'm still getting used to it myself. But rest assured, there are plenty of tips and guides available online.

Other little things:

- If you hate Dashboard as much as I do (you cannot turn it off unless you turn off the Dock process and reboot that), you'll be happy to know that QS comes with a handy little calculator.
- QS was a bit buggy in previous Mac versions, but it runs fine on my most recent Tiger OSX.
- There are any number of open-source, user-created plugins (hey, just like Firefox!) that can help you make your life easier on your computer.

( And the rest are under this handy fake cut. )

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January 25th, 2007

06:28 pm
Hi! I've been searching all the places I could find for a while, but my searches aren't giving me any results -__-

Does anyone know of a program that can rip or download Real Player .rm files? Like, the actual video file, not just audio.

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December 26th, 2006

04:24 pm
Hello everyone,

I've had an EMac G4 desktop for a few years now, and the OS i'm running is 10.2.8 lame, i know....

I've recently gotten my first ipod.

The problem..... the ipod I got is only compatible with 10.3.4 and higher.

Is there ANY WAY POSSIBLE I can get tiger or even panther somewhere without having to shell out 100+ at a mac store? (You, see, I am a poor college student and 100 dollars is a hell of a lot.)

Thanks in advance for your help,


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June 19th, 2006

02:38 pm - uploading photos
I'm sorry if this question has been asked, but are there any good (i.e. Mac-friendly) and preferably free web hosts around? I'd like to upload some photos so I can post them on LJ, and because I generally scan 35mm at high resolution, the files tend to be big.
On a related note, is .Mac worth subscribing to? What are the major benefits (I know this will vary with opinion)? Is it compatible with LJ for posting photos?


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June 3rd, 2006

12:43 am - Newbie in the Hizzouse.
Hi :). I'm recieving my first two macs in the mail soon. One I bought for a friend, and the other will be mine. I'm probably going to use it to dual boot linux and osx. Anyway, my question is:

1)The Imac G3 is a 333 tray-loading version, with 64mbs of ram and a 6gb hdd. The seller (ebay) says that it comes loaded with os9 and osx server edition. This computer is going to be for someone who doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. What would be the best operating system I can outfit this thing with? And what would be the potentially easiest (cheapest) way to do so? Could it possibly run Tiger? Or at least something other than osx server?!

2)On my G3 400mhz (Tower-512mbs RAM, 27GBs Hdd) is it possibly to fit Tiger on this machine? I've looked up some of the specs requirements, and it generally says I need a G4. However, I've learned that at least with PCs, the rules can be bent, if not outright broken. I have zero experience with MACs however, so...before I go making a huge mess, I'm trying to feel around first.


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May 31st, 2006

01:41 pm - A quicky.
Are there any applications that would possibly allow me to download music?
I've tried Limewire, Frostwire, Shakespeer, all suggested on pure mac.com.

Is there anything I'm missing?
I have version 10.2.8 or whatever, and it seems the older the system the less apps I can find that actually work.

And I don't have classic.

Maybe should I invest in the newest OS, that's probably my answer.
Current Music: Sounds of flies.

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April 23rd, 2006

09:46 am - Batch Gfx Tool
Hi, does anyone know of a batch graphics tool that will resize images? Usually when I publish my photos via Scrapbook I don't want to do anything other than reduce to 1/3 of the size my camera takes them. Any ideas?

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January 14th, 2006

08:31 pm
does anyone know of any software that lets u log onto the traditional platforms (yahoo, aim, msn) but gives u the option of voice chat??

im on version 10.2.8

also, does anyone know of any programs/proxies that can be installed to let u surf the web anonymously, so ur IP address is hidden or appears to be from somewhere else? there are a ton for PCs, ive yet to come across one for macs

thanks a lot

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January 9th, 2006

01:40 am
hi, folks. i'm a happy 0S X [just pre-tiger; woe is me] user who loves his PowerBook G4 like his firstborn child. unfortunately everyone else doesn't love it equally.

1. is there any program available to protect folders/drive[s] with a password? is my computer already capable of this beyond my knowlege?

2. also, i'm running panther on a tiger capable computer [the newer 80gb], and i have to stare at my keys knowing they can be backlit, but they're not. is there any way to make this happen w/o tiger?

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